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Share the Truth One-on-One
With Just a Few or With Many

“Where Two or Three are Gathered Together in My Name,
I am There in the Midst of Them.”
(Matthew 18:20)


Offer Truth To The Uninformed

“…Go To The Lost Sheep…”
(Matthew 10:6)



As a Missionary of Truth - Contact an Inmate You May Know

EXPLAIN ABOUT THIS MINISTRY: If they are interested and have internet access, send them the link for our Website with a few excerpts or the actual eBook. With your initial contact, if they become excited and would likely then start this Ministry, suggest having their own Personal Cards (see below), and be sure they understand they can inform and encourage others to go to the Website for the free eBook and excerpts they may need, such as with the link ‘Excerpt to Encourage Someone.’

Yours & Their Own Personal Cards

PERSONAL CARDS: The advantages of personal cards are many. Handout Cards give the Missionary something to actually carry with them for a professional zeal, to share with others Eternal Hope and Life. Also for the recipient of a card, it provides a simple reminder to do it and where to go, for the frree eBook link

YOURS & THEIR PERSONAL CARD EXAMPLE: For you, and if they would like Cards, the Card below gives an example to print out (two pages for both sides), to show them. The extra space would be for yours or their name and other Info wanted. Also, for the backside of the cards, the ideal Scripture Matthew 18:20 can be printed; "Where Two or Three are Gathered Together in My Name, I am there in the Midst of Them." Then for those in prison, you will probably have to produce the cards for them and return.

Helping Those - Who Cannot Help Themselves

A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Since Inmates have limited accessibility to produce the proof copy and printing of Cards and more, you can make the difference by aiding them with a "Prison Ministry."

Sample of Their Personalized Card

As with the Instructions described above, this sample card below shows what yours or the Inmate's Cards would look like; so by printing the two pages of this example, they can have an idea. Then you can insert their actual Name & Contact Info on their finished cards and supply them.

From the Free eBook
Hope For Beyond
"You shall know the Truth... It will set you free."

Yours or Their Name - Contact Info


Bus Card

Click here for an Example Card to duplicate