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Share the Truth One-on-One
With Just a Few or With Many

“Where Two or Three are Gathered Together in My Name,
I am There in the Midst of Them.”
(Matthew 18:20)


Offer Truth To The Uninformed

“…Go To The Lost Sheep…”
(Matthew 10:6)



Ministry / Mission

THE WORD "MINISTRY:" In our New Testament it is used 18 times, and the Greek word in part means; "teacher" or "service." Our appropriate English word "Mission" as per the dictionary meaning is; "A special assignment given to a person or group."

Be An Ambassador

THE AMBASSADOR CONCEPT: With whatever Ministry we focus on, a unique magnification for us personally is through this ambassadorship. The initial Greek word in Scripture is presbeuo (pres-byoo-o) meaning; "act as a representative, be an ambassador." Consider the incomparable challenge we have for this great Mission. "Now all things of God...has given us the ministry of reconciliation... Therefore we are ambassadors for Christ..." (NKJ, 2 Corinthians 5:18&20). Can we comprehend such a great emissary opportunity?

Provide Truth To Others Worldwide

TEACH PERSONALLY OR SEND PEOPLE THE FREE eBOOK: With enthusiasm point out a few topics you think might stimulate their attention and curiosity. Then if there is some interest, send excerpts or the eBook to share the truths revealed within, “OUR GREAT CALLING” - Hope For Beyond. For questions they might have, you could be familiar with this Book (reading at least once), and also helpful is knowing and using the Table of Contents, to click on with your device and go direct to pages with different topics for a quick-look-and-see.

Your Own Personal Cards

PERSONAL CARDS: The advantages of personal cards are many. Handout Cards give the Missionary something to actually carry with them for a professional zeal, to share with others Eternal Hope and Life. Also for the recipient of a card, it provides a simple reminder to do it and where to go, for the free eBook link

PERSONAL CARDS EXAMPLE: The Card below gives an example to print out (two pages for both sides), for taking to a print shop and have duplicated with your information. There is a space for your Contact Info (whatever you choose); Name, Phone Number, Email, etc. Also, for the backside of your Cards, the ideal Scripture from Matthew 18:20 can be printed; "Where Two or Three are Gathered Together in My Name, I am there in the Midst of Them." (See Scripture at the top of this page; and/or click below the card example with two pages for both sides.)

From the Free eBook
Hope For Beyond

"Your shall know the Truth... It will set you free."

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Bus Card

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