Why - How - What's Happening?

Certainly we all have heard someone say, or perhaps we've said ourselves:"I just don't know what this world is coming to..." With these excerpts you can have a foretaste of mysteriously ignored but ageless knowledge, now revealed within this eBook of Personal Development. We can be encouraged to know there are real answers. Since you have the power of human intellect and vision, we are confident you will be enlightened and delighted with the entire Free eBook, "OUR GREAT CALLING," empowering us with... Hope For Beyond.


Author's Note: For those finding interest with the subjects in this Book, you will have a fresh look at truth; but it will be controversial. For those who are not interested in these subjects, here is the challenge: Read the eBook and you will arm yourself with a unique understanding; to have provocative proof for fun and stimulating conversations.


All should have access to and understand the truths we consider in this Book, especially the unique promises of "Our Calling" and what it portends for us...think of the "Hope for Beyond" we can offer! Instead the world has everything from fables to confusing or distorted traditions, and worse yet despicable evil. So people just don't know why, how, or what's happening.


Let's recap then, some of the profound truths herein that you can possess; so when someone says, * "I just don't know..." You can tell them why, what, and how it will happen!

* "I can't even begin to comprehend the Universe."
Tell them about it (pages 1-8).

* "I wish I understood the real truth about evolution and/or creation."
See it (pp. 8-9, 11-12, 15-16).

* "Why does God allow evil?"
Tell them who the god of this world is (pp. 13-15).

* "Why is there so much evil?"
Explain about Satan and the demons (pp. 16-21).

* "Isn't God all about what is good?"
Yes (p. 21).

* "I always thought of myself as an agnostic."
Reveal what God thinks about that (p. 22).

* "We are told we should be our best; so why?"
Show them (pp. 23-30).

* "What can I do to help others?"
See about it (p. 31).

* "We need more love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control."
There could be (pp. 32-48).

* "What's with the human mind?"
Answer (pp. 49-56).

* "Why be generous?"
See why (pp. 56-60).

* "I don't know about religions; instead of the solution they seems to be the problem."
Enlighten them to know why some are (pp. 61-64).

* "There is so much confusion in religious traditions; I just don't understand it."
Tell them about it (pp. 65-67).

* "How is a person to know; with so many misconceptions about human life,
the spirit world of evil, the paranormal, and the new-age movement?"
You know, show them Divine answers (pp. 68-78).

* "Many claim we go to heaven after death; is that what the Bible promise?"
Explain the Biblical promises (pp. 78-86).

* "It's a common belief the bad will be tortured in hell fire forever; is that true?"
No; reveal what is true about that traditional nonsense (pp. 86-89).

* "Religious misconceptions seem harmless; but are some really dangerous?"
Yes, some trick us into a false-sense-of-security (pp. 90-98).

* "What about the Trinity doctrine?"
Show them (pp. 99-109).

* "Do we really comprehend the greatness of Christ; and all He did, does, and will do?"
No, but now we can begin to grasp it (pp. 110-117).

* "What does the Bible say about us spreading the Gospel?"
Explain about the Word, the Church (calling out, assembly) of people individually
doing the work (word-of-mouth/ the Internet), Our Calling,
and a Work to do (pp. 118-120).

* 'Is there a promise of protection in this evil world?"
Yes; show the comforting promises (p. 121).

"I don't know why God gives us all the trouble there is."
Tell them that's a bad-rap; He gives us what is good (pages 122-123).

* "I don't understand what makes terrorists tick."
You know what is behind their mentality; explain it (pp. 123-124).

* "If God created us perfect, why do we have all these health problems?"
Show them why (pp. 125-126).

* "I wish I knew what is our actual destiny."
Okay, tell them about the present, our future change to Spirit,
and that we can become first with God, the Firstfruits (pp. 127-135).

* "Where will the Kingdom be; in heaven?"
Explain where, with whom, and how long it will be (p. 136).

* "Wish I understood what will happen to my deceased relatives and friends."
Show them the future for the rest of humanity (pp. 137-138).

* "If evil humans will not burn forever in hell, what is their fate?"
Explain the second death (p. 139).

* "Well, since you seem to have answers about all these things, what is in our future?"
Show them; about our position and what we can become (p. 140).

* "Will it be the same Earth as we know it today?"
No, tell them how the Earth will be transformed (pp. 141-143).

* "What happens next?"
There are great events to take place;
in fact humankind will be in for trouble (pp. 143-147).

However, there will be an intervening force to solve all our problems (pp. 147-150).

* "What should be our approach about all this?"
Remind them about attitude (pp. 150-153).

* "Tell me more about these events."
It's good time to reveal about the great intervention (pp. 153-156).

* "Then what?"
Provide the good news with peace to the world (pp. 156-157).

Also, give them the advantage, warning, and reassurance about this time (p. 157).

"What can we do to be involved?"
Explain to change what we can, what we should do,
and through whom, when, and what to receive for our possible involvement (pp. 158-167).

Also, show we need to have commitment, but that we can have help (pp. 167-169).

* "To others, how can I share this tactfully?"
Explain (pp. 170-171).

* "I've heard some are predestined to live, some to die."
Well, the truth will be very refreshing (pp. 172-178).

* "What about prayer?"
Show them when Christ was asked about this personal relationship with God (pp. 179-182).

* "What is our ultimate future?"
Reveal the hope-for-beyond, and what we'll be like (pp. 183-186).

Also explain about the new Heaven and Earth; a vision into the future (pp. 187-189).

* "This sounds like something greater than ourselves."
It is...a Mission of Truth! (p. 192)

Now tell them: What are we waiting for; is there any possible excuse? Think about it, this is the greatest Calling in the entire Universe, an awesome destiny with the most unique and ultimate promises ever offered to humankind! The "Good News" of the Plan of God that is revealed with..."OUR GREAT CALLING" - Hope For Beyond.


In closing:

Unique Understanding - Unique Incentive

The one providing you these excerpts or eBook and its Author, hope you find challenge and encouragement with lifelong knowledge of Biblical Hope. If internalized, you can realize: "For the Lord gives wisdom...knowledge and understanding" (NKJ, Proverbs 2:6). Furthermore, the Freely Giving expansion system stimulates a unique incentive; for you and reach out for those who are, "the lost sheep" (Matthew 10:6)...people near, far, and worldwide.


(H)OPE: Good News to share with a discouraged world.
(O)FFER: Truth; in the midst of deception and lies.
(P)ROSPERITY: Prospering in Knowledge of Truth.
(E)NCOURAGEMENT: Through a Co-oPerative connection
of those with “Hope For Beyond.”


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