"The-truth-is-the-truth" and that can only help, but have you ever wondered why religion and politics are the main factors behind confusion, hate, war, and so forth? Ironically, those who become engrossed in the world's philosophies cannot always distinguish truth:

"Talking religion or politics with those holding a dogmatic view,
is like trying to move a plow by kissing the mule."
"With people locked into a particular religion or political persuasion,
when entering actual truth into their craniums for their mental processing,
that information loses all sense of logic."

Many religions, hate, war with, and kill each other, in the name of "Religion!" What a paradox (inexplicable or contrary aspects), since religion supposedly is for peace (as most claim but not all do)...yet war is anything but peace. What about confusion? Traditional religions are breeding grounds for confusion; wanting others to join their following, but if not they try to agree to disagree but usually just disagree. You will find it refreshing, as this eBook is provided to inform and unite people in truth...not to drag-folks-into a particular corporate church (though they are certainly welcome to use this eBook).

"All religions' can't be wrong, right?" This is an oxymoron (contradictory combination of words), since the obvious question should be, how can they all be right? Actually with many issues it doesn't make a lot of difference, but with some doctrines people are turned off or bitterness develops. All claim to have right answers and a handle on any subject; but with different approaches or responses. So with all the different trains of thought where can we get on the right track for real truth to dispel confusion? Distinction between this Book and myriad other writings are basically three factors: 1) Limited statements of literal truth without assumption, 2) Authentic Biblical self-interpretation from our reference Book the Bible without traditional or personal persuasion, 3) Original Hebrew and Greek word meanings.

Can You Be a Free-Thinker?

Tradition means: "The passing down of culture from generation to generation, especially orally, and also customs handed down" (American Heritage Dictionary). Now traditional values are good, such as decency and morality, but traditional beliefs and customs are different issues. If we choose to look only through the "rose-colored-glasses" of traditional thinking, our minds will not be able to comprehend simple new truisms (obvious truth). Locked into traditional thought or misguided doctrines you are not free to reconsider what you thought you already knew, since real truth is not in your belief-system. When confronted with a statement new or different, even though obviously apparent, the mind rejects it as non-truth.

Since not encumbered with traditionalism or doctrine-ism, this Book, "Our Great Calling" will make this challenge: Can you be a Free-Thinker? Are you willing to look literally at truth, "...line upon line," for what it really says? Okay then, take off you rose-colored glasses, put on your reading glasses, and perhaps we can enjoy a most wonderful liberated status:

"And you shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free"
(NKJ, Jon 8:32)

"Whom will He teach knowledge?
And whom will He make to understand the message..?
"For precept (rule of action or conduct) must be upon precept...
Line upon Line... Here a little, there a little."
(NKJ, Isaiah 28:9&10)

"Prove All Things; Hold Fast That Which Is Good"
(KJV, 1 Thessalonians 5:21)

To "Prove All Things," does not mean just believe what we've always thought. To "Hold Fast That Which is Good" doesn't necessarily mean what we think now, but what was originally intended thousands of years ago when Scriptures were inspired to be written. In the Greek, "Prove" means; prove, examine, discern. "All things" (one word in Scriptures) means; all, every, the whole, thoroughly. "Hold fast" (again one word) means; retain, hold fast, keep, seize on. "Good" means; better, good, valuable, worthy. We will can accept or reject.

Continued in the eBook...